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Moving at discount price for private persons
truck moving in Budapest
(only hour price)
long distance moving
type dimension hour price under traveling under loading
1t (van) 5m3 2500Ft/hr 120Ft/km 2500Ft/hr
3,5t 20m3-25m3 2800Ft/hr 130Ft/km 2800Ft/hr
7,5t 40m3 3100Ft/hr 140Ft/km 3100Ft/hr
(with taillift)
50m3 3400Ft/hr 150Ft/km 3400Ft/hr
loading driver and
loader's price:
1100Ft/hr/prs 1100Ft/hr/prs 1100Ft/hr/prs
clear out: Price up, plus 2000Ft/m3garbage price

Calculation example (in Budapest)

Moving of a flat with one bedroom
with a 3,5t truck,with loading driver and one loader , in case of 3 hours
(1 hour base price + 2 hours work) = 3 X 5000Ft = 15000Ft

Calculation example (Bp.- Győr)

Moving of a flat with one bedroom
3with a 3,5t truck,with loading driver and one loader:
210km distance, 4 hours traveling time and 2 hours loading time calculated:
210km X 130Ft + 4hours traveling X 2200Ft + 2hours loading X 5000Ft = 46100Ft
Moving materials
carton boxes 250Ft/pcs* 60cm X 40cm X 40cm vagy
60cm X 40cm X 25cm, 3 layers
foil with air buble 300Ft/m in 100 meter long peaces
adhesive tape 300Ft/pcs  
foil 3000Ft/pcs  
bring back
  • *If you bring us back the boxes,reclaim 50Ft for each.
  • Transport of the boxes is 3000Ft/occasion.
Transport ,moving for companies
truck in Budapest
(only hour price)
long distance moving
type dimension palettes hour price under travelling under loading
1t (van) 5m3 2 palettes 3000Ft/hr 120Ft/km 3000Ft/hr
3,5t 20m3 6 palettes 3250Ft/hr 130Ft/km 3250Ft/hr
3,5t 25m3 11 palettes 3500Ft/hr 140Ft/km 3500Ft/hr
7,5t 40m3 16 palettes 3750Ft/hr 150Ft/km 3750Ft/hr
12t (with taillift) 50m3 18 plettes 4350Ft/hr 160Ft/km 4350Ft/hr
price of loader: 1350Ft/hr/prs 1350Ft/hr/prs 1350Ft/hr/prs
Internaton moving,transport
According to deal. (You dont need to píy the way to there and back!!)
ExamplesMoving form Budapest to Belgium from about a kb 60m2flat costs about 1500EUR
1-2 palettes, 300/400kg from Paris to Budapest is costs about 300 EUR
extra discount
  • *Refer to our website for the extra discount!
  • We count each started hour.
  • Prices does not contain the VAT.
  • In case of long distace moving/transport, we count from our headquarter.
  • In case of moving/transport in Budapest, we count one hour extra further the work hours.
  • Our trucks is equipped with tools,accessories.